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An embarrassing admission

29 Mar

An embarrassing admission

Last night, I dreamed that Robert Pattinson and I were in love, driving past wheat fields in Michigan. Blame Sabrina for this. Last fall, she started reading those corny-ass Twilight books, which I have always dismissed as a second-rate Buffy knockoff. Not that I’ve read them, but come on, the high school girl who falls in love with a “good” vampire? I decided not to read the books, because there are countless pieces of actual literature that I have yet to read. Better to spend my time with those. (more…)

The name’s Dan. Dan Electro.

23 Mar

The name’s Dan. Dan Electro.

Longtime readers, all two of you, will remember that I bought a guitar a few years ago. Sadly, my plans to launch a Moss Icon-y (Moss Iconic?) band died before they were born. Which, when you think about it, is right in line with all of the together-for-ten-minutes bands that came out of the mid-90s hardcore scene, so I guess I did that right.

Anyway, I had to sell my guitar to help pay for my move to California. It was unfortunate, but not emotional. In a way, I was happy to see it go, because it represented failure. I wanted to learn how to play guitar well, but my hands always cramped up, and then I got lazy. Typical story. And yet, I missed strumming my cruddy power chords and pretending that I was gonna be in a band. Which is why I bought the Danelectro: (more…)

Union in the square

19 Mar

I met a friend after work last night. Or maybe we’re not friends, I don’t know. We have an odd relationship. We talk maybe once every six weeks, see each other for short bursts of time every couple of months — sometimes just 15 minutes — and that’s it. And yet I feel like we know so much about our emotions, which sounds so Mr. Rogers, but it’s not corny, promise. Because we don’t have many shared experiences, we can be nakedly honest with each other without fear of judgment. It works for me and I think it does for him, too. (more…)

I wasn’t laughing like that

12 Mar

I worked late tonight, and the sun was just beginning to sink when I left the building. A middle-aged, legless man was making his way up the street in a wheelchair. His face showed the accumulated stresses of an uneasy life, but he didn’t look defeated or miserable. Just tired, maybe a little lonely. I gave him a smile as I walked by, then he turned and looked at my shoes. He asked, “Can’t I get you to walk me somewhere in those heels?” (more…)

Thanks, Vanessa

3 Mar