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Top five clothing items I miss

18 Apr

5. Red underpants
In junior high, a friend’s cousin had a RED BRASSIERE. Whoa. I didn’t know why a red bra was simultaneously fascinating and scary, but I knew it was too brazen for me to even consider. It took almost two decades for me to finally buy a red bra of my own, and even then I didn’t want anything frilly or grossly Frederick’s-y. Somehow, I lost the matching underpants in my move from Chicago to San Francisco. I fear they are decaying somewhere in a Nebraska Motel 6. (more…)

Three words: Evolution is a lie!

17 Apr

Creationist arguments are low-hanging fruit as it is, and this video isn’t even all that new anymore, but every time I watch the hat-headed actor hit the 2:10 mark, I laugh so hard that I want to move to Canada and find him and make him my new best friend.

The found sounds of a lost boy

15 Apr

The found sounds of a lost boy

This morning I missed a lot of my Chicago friends. I’m not sure why, but I did, so I was glad when Paul wrote about his latest illustrating endeavor. Paul is one of my favorite artists, and one of the small disappointments of living in San Francisco is that his comics are hard to find here. (I like to give them as gifts, but lately all I can do is lend them.) (more…)

Minou exposes himself to the world

13 Apr

A few weeks ago, before he decided to escape from the backyard and join a rough-and-tumble Mission cat gang, Minou had beached himself on my bed. I love this cat. (I’m glad to have him back, limp and all.)

My new neighbors

13 Apr

I moved to a new neighborhood about six weeks ago, and everything is grand, just grand, as Lucille Austero would say. I always told myself I’d leave the house more often if there were more to do where I lived, and so far I am doing just that. I loiter at coffee shops, walk through the park in the evening, pick up hot croissants (!) on the way to work, and buy books at the store around the corner. And my roommate is the best. (more…)