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It smelled amazing

18 Jun

It smelled amazing

Nobody believed me when I told them how good the coat smelled. They thought I was being ridiculous or playing up my silly crush. But they were wrong, as they soon discovered upon smelling the jacket for themselves. I could have sunk myself into it all day.

The West Coast has been traumatized (or, HFB)

17 Jun

A week after seeing Scott in San Francisco on May 1, he flew to Portland. A week later, I flew 5,944 miles to Spain not really knowing what would happen when I opened the door and found him in our Barcelona room. I kept joking that we’d either hate each other or be madly in love by the end of the trip. Things ended somewhere in the middle, and then we flew back to our respective states. We saw each other a few days later due to his friends’ wedding, and a few days after that we saw each other for a few hours, and now he’s 5,918 miles from here. (That sounds far, but until last week, it was 8,707 miles from here, so it’s all a matter of perspective.) In a little over a week, I’ll see him again, and a few days after that, I’ll be 643 miles away from home in his house. (more…)