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Thinking about inking

16 Aug

Almost five years ago, and after about as much time making what I thought were empty comments about wanting a tattoo, my mother waltzed into an East Village tattoo shop and had a fleur-de-lis put on her inner wrist. That location was not her first preference; she had initially wanted the design placed on the part of her hand where thumb meets index finger. Todd, Trevor and I just barely managed to convince her that this was a bad idea. Today, while talking on the telephone, my mother and I had this conversation. (more…)

Milo’s 15 minutes

13 Aug

Enjoy the internet fame,” I told Milo. “It fizzles quickly.” (Ahem.) He doesn’t listen to me, of course, because he’s a cat, and cats don’t understand much beyond the smell of canned tuna. But I’d like to think that he’s been parading around the house with his head held a little higher because he was featured on the flickr blog yesterday. What’s endearing about it is that he’s pictured alongside Beibei, the Munchkin who first inspired me to adopt Milo. Beibei is the “I made you a cookie but I eated it” cat, and yes, I realize how pathetic it is to namedrop a lolcat. (more…)

Am I the only one who finds unintentional humor in this ad?

7 Aug

Am I the only one who finds unintentional humor in this ad?

It is painful to watch newspapers die, not only because they’re dying, but because they’re dying so awkwardly. Readers aren’t picking up the newspaper anymore, so what does the Chronicle do? It adds more colored ink — not more relevant, localized reporting — to its pages and makes that the big selling point. That’s akin to NBC rolling out a set of commercials touting its color teevee. (Would have been smarter to invest in revamping the 2001-era style website in the way the NYT has created a fantastic online presence.) (more…)