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Random, late Thanksgiving musings

14 Dec

Random, late Thanksgiving musings

First of all, I can’t figure out why there’s that ?> at the top of the page. Sorry. I think it’s a PHP typo. Not the first, not the last.

Secondly, my mother came to visit for Thanksgiving. I don’t think it would have been possible to please her more than I did this time, as I was afflicted with a brutal sinus infection. (Has since been downgraded to one that is merely debilitating.) She wasn’t exactly overjoyed to have a sick child, but she did seem to find great happiness in spooning Delsym into my mouth. I think it reminds her that I need her. To please her, I gave in and finally started using a neti pot as she’s been requesting for years. This is probably the sign that California has weakened my Midwestern practicality, making me now begin my days pouring salty water up my nose. Sexy.

The Southern Gentleman’s parents flew to SF, too. Our parents, bless their hearts, held off for one full day before the talk of wanting grandchildren began. Grandchildren, our parents agreed in between bites of turkey, would be nice. “You might want to get some orange juice from the store,” Betty advised me at one point. “You need to make sure you’re getting enough folic acid.” And when SG drove we Lady Tomlins home one night, my mother hopped out of the car and crowed, “I’ll leave you two lovebirds in the car so you can have KISSYFACE.” As you can imagine, that night’s goodbye kiss was the chastest in history.

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