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Walk right up to the microphone…

3 Mar

Walk right up to the microphone…

Brian has more energy than anyone I know, maybe even anyone I’ve ever met. He just doesn’t seem to run out of steam. Ever. Although I am frequently full of hot air, I am a steam-challenged individual. I asked Brian how he manages to be so energetic, especially with two kids. (more…)

Sixty-eight and sunny

9 Apr

So I was walking down Second Avenue yesterday, looking pretty fly if I do say so myself (it’s all because of my new forest green pants, with an embroidered birdy on the yoke). I was in a good mood because I was about to see Brian, who has been mentioned here before as the world’s perfect boy. Around 18th Street, guess who I saw?

My shaggy-haired boyfriend!

You know, Julian Casablancas of The Strokes!

Despite feeling unstoppably asstastic in my pants, I did not stop to say hello to Julian. He was sipping coffee on a stoop… with another woman! Oh, Julian, say it isn’t so.

– – –

Brian and I walked all around yesterday. After eating the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had (“Lots of cream and melted chocolate,” said the barista), we walked forty blocks north and took in some modern art.

Met Todd at Max Fish, and later went to dinner (goat cheese quesadillas!) with dear Ophi-ra and Todd’s crazy optometrist. They were headed off to the White Stripes show, and though we tried to sneak a plus-one for me, there was to be no rockin’ that night.

As for now, it is mild and balmy and time to explore even more. I love this city.