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Back in the arms of a good friend

6 May

Back in the arms of a good friend

After work, Danny and I went overseas. In other words, we went to the East Bay. We know we should feel more shame for the way we regard the Beast (pig Latin!), but when you’re used to walking or taking short train trips, the Bay might as well be another country. We are so provincial that we regard East Bay dating as long-distance dating, and while we play it off like we’re kidding, we’re really not.

We were there to see Girlfriend, a musical based on the Matthew Sweet album of the same name. “It warmed my coal-black heart,” Danny said after the performance. Mine too. The coming-of-age story follows two teenage boys as they fall in love, and the result is, well, sweet. Innocent and touching, funny, and true to life. Not that I know what it’s like to be a gay teenager in Nebraska, but who doesn’t remember how it feels to hold your breath while deciding whether to reach out for someone’s hand?


14 Nov

Last night was for bathing; tonight was for turning into a pumpkin at midnight. To celebrate his birthday, Danny rented a screening room so we could all watch Teen Witch. Though the film lacked substantive plot lines, Sabrina and I were able to keep a peanut-gallery commentary going throughout most the film (Of the two of us, amazingly, I was not the one who fell asleep.) After the movie ended, I sent my girls home to make sure they were safe, and then I took a taxi home-ish. Close enough. I couldn’t really bear to head home to an empty house. I felt low, so I went out some more just so I wasn’t alone with my loneliness. (more…)

A day bookended by song

29 Oct

This morning, I looked left and turned right. Going uphill seemed potentially daunting, especially after a weekend of luxuriously slinking into taxis, so I decided to take a different way to work. At the train station, I turned a corner and nearly collided into a man in crutches. We gave each other the sympathetic once-over and started laughing at our sad predicaments. He’d ripped a ligament and was due to de-crutch next week; we compared crutch tips. (zing!) When we hobbled out of the elevator to the lower level, we walked toward a bespectacled white boy who was about to sing to commuters. Funny sight, but he had the last laugh when he began singing the hell out of the Temptations. I caught his eye and he returned my smile while crooning on: “I know you wanna leave me…” That swirl of life, of strangers’ lives intersecting for a few flawless moments, made the day begin so beautifully. (more…)