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Well I’m a six point seven on the Richter scale

19 Nov

Earthquakes happen all the time here, but most are so small that nobody feels them. And in general, Californians don’t feel earthquakes unless they’re strong enough to rattle dishes. I say this because there have been a few earthquakes that I felt immediately, only to look around my office and see the native Californians typing away as though our desks weren’t shaking. Meanwhile, we transplants look at each other with do-you-feel-this surprise, mixing excitement with fear as we wait to see how shaky things will be. (more…)

Novocaine heart

17 Jun

In approximately twenty minutes I will be sitting in my dentist’s chair. As I stretch out my legs, Dr. Gracias will ask if I’d like the back massager on (yes, please). She’ll prepare to fix my teeth, and I will nervously shift in the seat. As the needle comes forward, I’ll start sweating and clutching the armrest, and then a little novocaine pinch, and then everything will be numb. “So,” I’ll ask, “Got any more of that stuff? For my head? My heart?”

And now I’m back from the dentist, my tongue moving over the newness of the filling. As it turns out, the dentist decided that the cavities were so small that novocaine wasn’t necessary. So the drilling occurred with no numbness, and I didn’t get to present the grimly witty request listed above. At least I’ll be able to brag about my resilience and toughness all week. “Yeah, I totally had fillings done with no novocaine. That shit is for amateurs,” I’ll tell an enthralled gaggle of mopheads at Thursday’s mod night.

I re-read Prufrock again today. I’m not a fan of poetry—I find much of it too flowery, the rest too jumbled—but this poem always puts things into perspective for me. I think that’s one of the things I appreciate most about the poem, that at the end of the day, I did dare to eat the peach, and I’m better for it.