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Magic mind control!

6 Apr

Magic mind control!

So I have this running joke that if you complain about something, it magically gets better. For instance, if you tolerate a noisy car alarm for a while and then grouse about it, it somehow stops honking the second you finish your sentence. Sounds silly, but time and time again, voicing a well-timed and valid complaint seems to work. (This belief has been proven so often that one of my colleagues says that I control the world with my mind. I wish.)


While we were walking down Guerrero tonight, Craig found a file folder holder on the street. “Crazy,” he said. “Just yesterday I was saying I need one of these.” So he picked it up.

Then, as Meg and I were discussing the home organizer’s belief that our new feng shui-ed out kitchen setup would bring more money into our lives, we stumbled upon some cash on the sidewalk. (Meg used it to leave a generous tip at the ice cream parlor.)

Yesterday, I said that I wanted a cupcake; an hour later, Sabrina, not knowing of my cupcake lust, IMed me to say that I should come over and grab one of the treats she’d baked. Bingo! Cupcakes. Today, I wished I had a better umbrella because mine is broken, and one randomly arrived in the mail.

I don’t believe in The Secret and all of that new agey manifestation stuff, but I do love odd coincidences like this. Tomorrow, I will wish for Ryan Gosling and Kate Moennig to deliver a bucket of kittens. Will provide updates when this inevitable event goes down.

The emperor of ice cream

25 Sep

The emperor of ice cream

At the nursing home, the aides would bring my father a tray with assorted soft foods — usually some sort of vegetable, chicken, dessert — and we would feed him as much as he would allow. Because he was stubborn, he’d occasionally refuse to eat more than a few spoonfuls of food, leaving me to wheedle him into having dinner. “Just one bite,” I’d say. “Then I won’t bother you about it anymore.” I got away with this because I am the baby of the family, and because I also acknowledged his weariness of the food. Though it was surprisingly pretty good, this was a man who loved chocolate malts and chicken strips and Mexican food. They don’t serve those foods in nursing homes. (more…)