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Pontification under duress

4 May

What was that I was saying about being incompetent with web stuff? Yeah.

Since buying the USB keyboard, my dreams of becoming a famous recording artist have not exactly come to fruition. I dream of releasing brilliant songs that move people to emotion; instead, I compile trainwreck-beat Keyboard Cat remixes and awkward interpretations of Undertones songs. (Did you know that “Teenage Kicks” was John Peel’s favorite song? It’s true.)

One of the songs I’ve been wanting to cover is the above, which is one of the most triumphantly snarling I’ve ever heard. It starts out sounding like a bouncy smile, but then the lyrics bare the fangs that hide behind the beat. The plan was to finish it by May 4, but that isn’t happening. Maybe next year.

Jet black to the center

15 Nov

Jet black to the center

After having my leg wrapped up for six weeks, I wanted to treat myself to some sort of sitting-in-water activity. My initial plan was to rent a car and head to Calistoga for a sybaritic weekend of hot tubs and mud baths, but it was too expensive. Remembering how Josh once raved about his time in a sensory deprivation tank, I thought, “Enh, why not?” and signed myself up for an hour in a float tank. (more…)

The name’s Dan. Dan Electro.

23 Mar

The name’s Dan. Dan Electro.

Longtime readers, all two of you, will remember that I bought a guitar a few years ago. Sadly, my plans to launch a Moss Icon-y (Moss Iconic?) band died before they were born. Which, when you think about it, is right in line with all of the together-for-ten-minutes bands that came out of the mid-90s hardcore scene, so I guess I did that right.

Anyway, I had to sell my guitar to help pay for my move to California. It was unfortunate, but not emotional. In a way, I was happy to see it go, because it represented failure. I wanted to learn how to play guitar well, but my hands always cramped up, and then I got lazy. Typical story. And yet, I missed strumming my cruddy power chords and pretending that I was gonna be in a band. Which is why I bought the Danelectro: (more…)