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Milo meets his doppelganger

19 Jan

One of Milo’s most amusing traits is the seriousness with which he attacks perceived enemies. He’s a playful little creature who seems to have no idea that his legs are short (and therefore comically adorable).

Please accept my apologies, Mr. Godard

5 Nov

Uh-oh. French New Wave cat cinema is making a comeback. I know I should be ashamed, but the amount of laughter I get from this ridiculous endeavor is well worth the ten minutes it took to create this.

Milo’s 15 minutes

13 Aug

Enjoy the internet fame,” I told Milo. “It fizzles quickly.” (Ahem.) He doesn’t listen to me, of course, because he’s a cat, and cats don’t understand much beyond the smell of canned tuna. But I’d like to think that he’s been parading around the house with his head held a little higher because he was featured on the flickr blog yesterday. What’s endearing about it is that he’s pictured alongside Beibei, the Munchkin who first inspired me to adopt Milo. Beibei is the “I made you a cookie but I eated it” cat, and yes, I realize how pathetic it is to namedrop a lolcat. (more…)