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Five good things about today

18 Nov

(in chronological order)

1. On the train to work, there were about 20 kindergartners loudly chatting about their field trip. I was not thrilled by the noise until one little girl began singing “Jingle Bells” with completely (and unintentionally) wrong lyrics. “On the farm it is to ride in a one horse hope and sleigh…” Wrote that one down in the Moleskine.

2. I found out that a friend had also been dumped less than two weeks after her father’s death, so we had a big empathy fest.

3. Sparkle Vamp is awkward. (Don’t judge me.)

4. When I got off the train tonight, an inbound train was stopped to let someone alight, so I had to wait to cross the tracks. A toddler was looking at me through the window of the train, so I gave him an exaggerated look of delighted surprise. He grinned back so hard that his eyes practically disappeared. As the train took off, we waved to each other. I smiled my way home.

5. Graham made a video in which he visits JC’s studio. They are ridiculous and funny.

It smelled amazing

18 Jun

It smelled amazing

Nobody believed me when I told them how good the coat smelled. They thought I was being ridiculous or playing up my silly crush. But they were wrong, as they soon discovered upon smelling the jacket for themselves. I could have sunk myself into it all day.

An embarrassing admission

29 Mar

An embarrassing admission

Last night, I dreamed that Robert Pattinson and I were in love, driving past wheat fields in Michigan. Blame Sabrina for this. Last fall, she started reading those corny-ass Twilight books, which I have always dismissed as a second-rate Buffy knockoff. Not that I’ve read them, but come on, the high school girl who falls in love with a “good” vampire? I decided not to read the books, because there are countless pieces of actual literature that I have yet to read. Better to spend my time with those. (more…)