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So you’re Team Edward, I take it?

25 Nov

My mother is not immune to New Moon mania. “I was watching Jimmy Kimmer or one of those new late-night guys and those Twilight people were on,” she was saying tonight. “They looked bored to death. And I know you think that Robert Pattison is a hunk, but you know, he has unkempt facial hair.” (more…)

Between light and nowhere

17 Nov

“The city feels strange tonight,” I said to Sabrina and Randall after we left the party. We were waiting to cross the street, and neon lights reflected in the wet pavement. Sabrina agreed that something indeed felt weird, but we couldn’t put our collective finger on it. Maybe it’s just that the early darkness doesn’t feel routine yet, or the chill in the air isn’t quite welcome. Either way, the air had a mildly unsettling low electric buzz. It seemed like one of those nights that I’ll remember not for the events, but for the way it felt. (more…)

Into you from the plane

26 Oct

Into you from the plane

Sabrina and I are like Salt n Pepa because when it came to this weekend, we pushed it real good. And by “it” I mean “our collective ability to pack a week’s worth of adventure into a three-day weekend.”

One of the few disappointments was the lack of Jesse time. He wasn’t feeling well (h1n1?). So Team Awesome did not get to start our new autobiographical hardcore band, FAILstorm. But otherwise, last night was pretty much perfect. JC was brilliant at his salon series, and from there it was off to the old stomping grounds of the Rainbo. Kenny couldn’t have played better songs (Wire, Magazine, Joy Division, The Jam, etc.) and while that shouldn’t really matter, it felt like a tiny welcome-back thing. Also, and more importantly, my friends spoil me with their goodness. I am fortunate. Sometimes there are things better left preserved among the people who were there, and so I am filing last night away on the shelves of my memory. It was a wonderful night, and we have the photobooth strips to prove it.

Home run

25 Oct

Home run

It’s funny how a place that was once your home can feel so foreign, so unknown. Sabrina and I were in the back of a taxi on Irving Park, and I tried to point out JC’s studio but I couldn’t find it. It wasn’t until we arrived that he reminded me that it wasn’t actually on Irving. Forgetful mistakes like this keep throwing me off, but then other things are comfortingly unchanged. Things like seeing your best friend from grade school and jumping back like no time had passed. And I thought of Karinsa last night as we walked down Fullerton and sat down at the Whirlaway, where we had her goodbye party. Inside, it was the same as it ever was — drinks $5 and delivered with a smile — and it felt good to have consistency in a time that has felt anything but. (more…)

It frightened me awake

19 Oct

I apologize for the abundance of dreams and other similarly self-focused subjects lately. Part of it is due to me working through some heavy losses, and part of it is because my immobility keeps me from regaling you with tales of the city. Sadly, unless you are fascinated by the sleeping patterns of the dwarf cat, you’re stuck with what’s in my head. And it’s my website, anyway, so if I record nocturnal turnings, it’s more for me to analyze. If you are just dying to know about last night’s anxiety dream that violently threw me out of slumber, here you go. (more…)