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Pontification under duress

4 May

What was that I was saying about being incompetent with web stuff? Yeah.

Since buying the USB keyboard, my dreams of becoming a famous recording artist have not exactly come to fruition. I dream of releasing brilliant songs that move people to emotion; instead, I compile trainwreck-beat Keyboard Cat remixes and awkward interpretations of Undertones songs. (Did you know that “Teenage Kicks” was John Peel’s favorite song? It’s true.)

One of the songs I’ve been wanting to cover is the above, which is one of the most triumphantly snarling I’ve ever heard. It starts out sounding like a bouncy smile, but then the lyrics bare the fangs that hide behind the beat. The plan was to finish it by May 4, but that isn’t happening. Maybe next year.

Vampire wizard ninja brothers from the moon!

29 Mar

Axe Cop might be my favorite web find of the year thus far. It’s a comic written by a five-year-old boy with an unbridled imagination, and it’s as enjoyable as it is absurd. Sorry for the phoned-in entry, but I have a gang of dinosaurs to kill.

Sparkling wit

16 Mar

I had no interest in reading the Twilight books. Sabs told me they were awful but addictive, yet I have this thing called the Faulkner Theory of Reading Priority. See, there are only so many reading hours left in my life, and there’s a lot of Faulkner left to read (and you have to read Faulkner more than once). So if it comes down to reading a book about a sparkly vampire or a dysfunctional Southern family, I go for the Compsons over the Cullens. Especially because I can go see the Twilight movies, which feature Robert Pattinson in foundation two shades too light for him. (more…)

Milo meets his doppelganger

19 Jan

One of Milo’s most amusing traits is the seriousness with which he attacks perceived enemies. He’s a playful little creature who seems to have no idea that his legs are short (and therefore comically adorable).

Five good things about today

18 Nov

(in chronological order)

1. On the train to work, there were about 20 kindergartners loudly chatting about their field trip. I was not thrilled by the noise until one little girl began singing “Jingle Bells” with completely (and unintentionally) wrong lyrics. “On the farm it is to ride in a one horse hope and sleigh…” Wrote that one down in the Moleskine.

2. I found out that a friend had also been dumped less than two weeks after her father’s death, so we had a big empathy fest.

3. Sparkle Vamp is awkward. (Don’t judge me.)

4. When I got off the train tonight, an inbound train was stopped to let someone alight, so I had to wait to cross the tracks. A toddler was looking at me through the window of the train, so I gave him an exaggerated look of delighted surprise. He grinned back so hard that his eyes practically disappeared. As the train took off, we waved to each other. I smiled my way home.

5. Graham made a video in which he visits JC’s studio. They are ridiculous and funny.