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A case of the Mondays

21 Jun

A case of the Mondays

This morning I ascended from the bowels of MUNI to find Cool Hand Luke standing at the top of the stairs. “Long time, no see,” I said as he hugged me hello. (This is exceedingly clever because I’d just seen him a couple of days before. ) I hadn’t expected to see him for another month, so it was a nice surprise.

Too bad the day went — well, not downhill, exactly. Just all over the place, like a wacky zig-zagging road with deep potholes. If something could get complicated, it did. I didn’t get home until nine, at which point Meg rewarded me with a margarita. Three sips in, I got thrown into another work situation that kept me busy until 10 minutes ago. Serenity now!

Speaking of work, two things of note. First, you can read my ramblings about sunscreen at Style.com; thanks to Celia for including me in the piece. Secondly, my story on the Black Keys is out in the new issue of Nylon Guys. It’s the one with Jonah Hill on the cover; for the longest time I got him confused with Jonah Hex, and wondered why the schlubby guy from Superbad was in a Megan Fox movie. Anyway, I’m 90% happy with how the piece turned out. Honestly, the turnaround was so quick that it’s a wonder my brain pushed out anything better than “Ohio duo cute, play loud music, new record good.” All of those things are true, for what it’s worth.

Strange reunion

8 May

Strange reunion

Another interview landed in my lap Friday afternoon; did I want to talk with Band X before their secret show on Saturday? Well, yes. Of course. Always.

So I did. Halfway through the interview, a longshoreman walked in and explained the subtle difference between stevedores and longshoremen. (Stevedore is a company name, FYI.) “My mother told me I look like a longshoreman,” I said.

“Your mother needs to have her vision checked,” the guitarist said. Zing!

The longshoreman gave me and the band little union lapel pins. Worker solidarity for all. At the end of the interview, one of the guys asked if I worked for Magazine X full-time. No, I said. Beauty editor by day, music writer by night.

“Oh, my girlfriend’s a beauty editor,” the bassist said. I asked for her name. He gave it to me. Turns out we know each other, and we’re traveling together next week. The smallness of the world never ceases to amaze.