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Strange reunion

8 May

Strange reunion

Another interview landed in my lap Friday afternoon; did I want to talk with Band X before their secret show on Saturday? Well, yes. Of course. Always.

So I did. Halfway through the interview, a longshoreman walked in and explained the subtle difference between stevedores and longshoremen. (Stevedore is a company name, FYI.) “My mother told me I look like a longshoreman,” I said.

“Your mother needs to have her vision checked,” the guitarist said. Zing!

The longshoreman gave me and the band little union lapel pins. Worker solidarity for all. At the end of the interview, one of the guys asked if I worked for Magazine X full-time. No, I said. Beauty editor by day, music writer by night.

“Oh, my girlfriend’s a beauty editor,” the bassist said. I asked for her name. He gave it to me. Turns out we know each other, and we’re traveling together next week. The smallness of the world never ceases to amaze.

Hearing music from another time

7 May

Hearing music from another time

Late in last night’s sleep cycle, I dreamed about interviewing Helena Christensen. I asked her about cheese and Joy Division. Then, I went to work and interviewed Helena Christensen; we got to the cheese part, but unknown pleasures will have to wait for next time.

Whenever I talk with models, I have to hold myself back from asking what it’s like to be so beautiful. Being that attractive is something I can observe but not understand.* I once dated someone who was so good-looking that strangers would ask to take his picture. I kept thinking, “Whoa, nobody else I know deals with this sort of attention.” It really is different. Except it isn’t for him, because his version of being seen involves people gazing instead of merely looking. It must feel strange sometimes.

Through various model interviews, I have ascertained that Heidi Klum sometimes wakes up and feels less than cute, and Isabeli Fontana does not think she is pretty. (“I never feel beautiful” was the exact phrase.) But back to Helena. I joked that when I tried to recreate her naked Reebok ad, it didn’t look quite the same. “Well, it’s a very hard pose,” she said. I liked her right away.

* Not saying I’m homely, just realistically saying that I don’t get paid to be beautiful. Phil once said I was “book cover pretty,” meaning that if I wrote a book, the publisher would put a small photo of me on the back of it. I am usually described as “cute,” which infuriates me because that makes me feel like a Precious Moments figurine. Anyway, I’m fairly funny, and humor lasts longer than looks do. Plus, as we know, “men like funny.”